Scotland's got what it takes to be independent

Graphic showing Scotland's finances are stronger than the UK's

Responding to today’s publication of the latest Government  Expenditure and Revenue Scotland report [GERS], Blair Jenkins, Chief Executive of Yes Scotland, said: 

"What these figures show is that Scotland has one of the best sets of national accounts of any country in the developed world. 

"They also clearly underline that Scotland has got what it takes to be a strong, independent nation and that our future will be built on robust financial foundations.

"The figures show that Scotland generates a bigger share of UK taxes than we get as a share of UK spending.  

"Scotland’s finances have been healthier than the UK’s for a number of years now. Our opponents in the No campaign would be doing the people of Scotland a service if they admitted that."

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  • Westminster's Business Secretary, Vince Cable, has hit the headlines today for arguing that "London is a giant suction machine draining the life out of the rest of the country". In doing so he is simply acknowledging what official UK statistics emphatically confirm - Westminster can’t and won’t fix the unbalanced and London-dominated UK economy.
  • The Westminster Government’s intention to slash welfare spending even further highlights the choice of the two futures on offer at next year’s independence referendum, Yes Scotland Chief Executive Blair Jenkins said today.
  • The Scottish Government has published a detailed document on the opportunities open to an independent Scotland to create jobs, build a more balanced and sustainable economy and make full use of its key assets and resources.
  • For many months now the Tories, like their Labour partners in the anti-independence coalition, have been bandying around vague promises of more powers if only the people of Scotland vote No. We now know this is a sham.