A reply to the No campaign's celebrities

Graphic saying that No one will ever govern Scotland better than the people who live and work in Scotland

Dear Friends,

No need to worry - we aren't moving anywhere after a Yes vote. We too value the bonds between us and we'll still be your best friends and neighbours. 

But what we don't value is dreadful Westminster government. It may have escaped your notice, but many people are struggling to make ends meet, to find well rewarded employment, to pay fuel bills or even feed their families.

All this despite the fact we live in one of the world's wealthiest countries. A Yes vote gives us an opportunity to change all that.

We're sure you'll understand!

Yours sincerely,

Yes Scotland

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  • “Stiglitz: Only Independence Will Let Scots Tackle Income Divide”. That’s the headline for today's report in the Herald about the contribution of Nobel prize-winning economist Professor Joseph Stiglitz to the independence debate.
  • Westminster isn't working for Scotland. That’s why we know Scotland could be better than it is today. Scotland can be fairer, wealthier and more successful and that means for most families in Scotland our standard of living could, and should, be higher.
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    I am what is often referred to as a natural Labour voter. My father was a Highland railwayman all his life, as was his father, grandfather and great grandfather before him. They were all lifelong trade unionists, some holding senior positions within the NUR/RMT. My father was a...

  • The Westminster Government’s intention to slash welfare spending even further highlights the choice of the two futures on offer at next year’s independence referendum, Yes Scotland Chief Executive Blair Jenkins said today.