Graphic saying: " David Cameron is part of our past we vote Yes"
15 Sep 2014

Commenting on David Cameron's speech in Aberdeen, Yes Scotland Chief Executive Blair Jenkins said: "David Cameron's speech was the same litany of empty threats and empty promises we have come to expect from the No campaign - and he is the Prime Minister who has been orchestrating the campaign of ridiculous scaremongering being directed against Scotland.

no one with ever govern Scotland better than the people who live and work in Scotland
15 Sep 2014

A group of armed forces veterans who are proudly voting Yes - including 102-year-old Desert Rat Jimmy Sinclair - have today issued an open letter in response to the article in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph by Lord Richard Dannatt, in which he attempted to invoke those who had died in conflict as a reason to vote No.

15 Sep 2014

by Robert Scott Anderson, Chairperson, Scottish Malawi Foundation 

Based on 27 years working in international development, I know how well respected and trusted Scots and Scotland are, right across the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and Asia. 

Independence presents a glorious opportunity for us to do something new in international development. To commit a percentage of our money of course, but also to commit our solidarity and our expertise, and to be creative in the ways in which we package  our support to maximize impact.  

Craig Johnson, who is the former Labour Mayor of Carlisle
15 Sep 2014

A Labour and trade union figure from the North of England is urging Scotland to vote Yes.

Craig Johnson, who is the former Labour Mayor of Carlisle, believes independence will 'energise the debate about devolution' across the UK by encouraging a movement of power from Westminster to the rest of England.

They say one thing in Scotland the the opposite elsewhere in the UK
15 Sep 2014

More and more people in Scotland are choosing to vote Yes so we can avoid the damaging knock-on effects of English health privatisation. The Labour Party in England have identified the consequences of the privatisation of NHS England, and if even one of their predictions comes true there would be a knock-on impact on Scotland’s budget.

So why are they saying different things in Scotland? Labour “heavyweights” like Gordon Brown and George Reid have denied there is any threat to the NHS – but their colleagues south of the Border are saying the exact opposite.

Photo of Rajiv Joshi
15 Sep 2014

Prominent civil society activist and social entrepreneur Rajiv Joshi, who formerly chaired the Scottish Youth Parliament and has been as a leading campaigner for ‘votes at 16’, announced his support today for the Yes campaign.

Professor Russel Griggs OBE
15 Sep 2014

Professor Russel Griggs OBE, a leading Scottish businessman and Board Member of Scottish Enterprise is supporting a Yes vote on Thursday.

The former CBI Scotland Council member explained that he completed his journey to Yes because of 'nonsensical and overblown scare stories'.

Why would anyone choose not to do business in Scotland?
15 Sep 2014

Leading business people will today urge a Yes vote on Thursday by pointing to this one opportunity to bring job-creating powers to Scotland. Yes Scotland also released a new business endorsement this morning from Professor Russel Griggs, a board member of Scottish Enterprise and a former CBI Scotland Council member.

15 Sep 2014

by Toni Guigliano

The Yes movement has been the most progressive political campaign this country has ever seen. From Stranraer to Sullom Voe, it has set Scotland alive.

People from every walk of life, from all backgrounds and of all ages have signed up to our vision of a fairer, better, more prosperous independent Scotland.