02 Sep 2014

Yes overwhelmingly won a debate organised by the Glasgow Disability Alliance attended by around 400 disabled people. 

Although no vote was taken, the two Yes speakers Libby McArthur and Green Co-convenor Patrick Harvie were supported by interventions and applause throughout the debate from the vast majority of the floor. 8 out of 10 interventions accused Better Together of defending Tory cuts and endless scaremongering on independence as well as questioning Ed Miliband's Labour's record on the Bedroom Tax.

Vaughan Jones who is a Labour Councillor with Inverclyde Council.
02 Sep 2014

Senior Labour members, including a sitting Labour councillor, today took the Yes case to Labour’s heartlands in the Bardrainney area of Port Glasgow, as the most recent referendum opinion poll shows a surge in Labour support for independence - from 18 per cent in the last YouGov poll to 30 per cent in today’s poll.

The top 3 referendum questions answered
02 Sep 2014

As we enter the final weeks of the referendum, we have some important new information which underlines why we must be independent. We’ve discovered that a Yes vote is vital to secure the job-creating powers we need and to protect our NHS from Westminster cuts. No campaign leader Alistair Darling also admitted that “of course we can use the pound” after independence.

Image of Vivienne Westwood's Highland Fling in Thailand
02 Sep 2014

Esteemed fashion designer, Dame Vivienne Westwood, gave her support for a Yes vote at last night’s Scottish Fashion Awards.

The fashion icon told the audience that an independent Scotland could be a ‘model to us all’ and that the decision in September was ultimately ‘up to you’.

02 Sep 2014

A YouGov poll published in today’s Sun and Times newspapers shows that Yes support has surged to 47 per cent - up 8 points since early August.

The findings gives Yes Scotland its best result so far with a YouGov poll where Yes has reached 47 per cent, while the anti-independence side dropping to 53 per cent.

Graphic showing that Yes has 47% in the latest YouGov poll (excluding Don't Knows)
01 Sep 2014

Yes Scotland has welcomed a poll which shows the highest support yet for Yes in a YouGov survey.

Blair Jenkins, chief executive of Yes Scotland, said: ‘This breakthrough poll shows that Yes has the big momentum - it's an all-time high for Yes support in a YouGov survey so far, and an 8-point swing from No to Yes in just three weeks. We only need another 3-point swing to achieve a Yes for Scotland on the 18th.

Group of people on top of a hill with a big Yes spelled out in large letter signs
01 Sep 2014

A group of intrepid Yes supporters from Fife have taken the referendum campaign to new heights, by dragging a huge Yes sign up to the top of the Binn Hill in Burntisland.

The idea for the bold project came from local artist, Ritchie Feenie from Kinghorn, who imagined creating something similar to the giant Hollywood sign in California.

You must register to vote by Tuesday 2 September
01 Sep 2014

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity on September 18. More and more people, as we approach the referendum day, are waking up to the prospect of the better, fairer and more successful Scotland that we can create with independence.

The deadline to register to vote is tomorrow – midnight on Tuesday 2nd of September. If you have not yet registered, or you aren’t sure if you have, now is absolutely the time to make sure you can have your say on Scotland’s future.

The Rainbow paper
01 Sep 2014

Yes LGBT launched its Rainbow Paper outlining how independence will deliver greater equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Scotland.

The campaign group say Westminster control is holding back and threatens to reverse progress on LGBT rights.