The richest ten per cent of the UK owns more than 1,000 times as much as the bottom ten per cent of the UK.
25 Jul 2014

Independence is the only sure way to deal with the ever-growing gap between Scotland’s rich and poor, two leading figures in the Yes campaign will say today. 

Ahead of today’s Oxfam debate on inequality at the Lighthouse, Mitchell Lane, Glasgow, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Patrick Harvie, Co-Convener of the Scottish Green Party, both members of Yes Scotland’s Advisory Board, have said that a Yes vote in eight weeks” time is the key to tackling poverty.

24 Jul 2014

Hot on the heels of Scotland’s biggest LGBT event, Pride Glasgow’s Chief Executive has given his backing for a Yes vote in September.

Alastair Smith played a significant role in ensuring that last weekend’s event had a turnout of more than 7,000 people and he thinks the prospect of a written constitution that enshrines LGBT rights is “appealing”

Photo of Eleanor McLaughlin with Blair Jenkins and Dennis Canavan
22 Jul 2014

The first woman to be Lord Provost of Scotland’s capital has urged her former Labour Party colleagues to join the campaign for independence to ensure a fairer and more just nation.

Eleanor McLaughlin, who was once against devolution because it lacked the powers required by “a proper government”, says she is in no doubt that a Yes vote on September 18 is the only way to achieve social justice and benefits for all in “the very rich country that is Scotland”.

Photo of Leanne Wood
22 Jul 2014

Ahead of an address in Glasgow by the leader of Plaid Cymru today, Yes Scotland has said that a Yes vote in Scotland will kick-start the process of constitutional reform south of the border and strengthen the UK social union.

Sarah-Jane Walls
21 Jul 2014

Scotland is an incredibly wealthy nation – one of the top 20 richest countries in the world, according to the Financial Times. We are wealthier per head, for example, than the UK as it is today, France and even Japan.

But despite our wealth and economic potential, Scotland lacks the powers to make the most of our tremendous assets, and the full powers to help our economy flourish.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe goes #indyref
21 Jul 2014

If you had any concerns that there would be nothing of interest at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year, well a line-up of extremely talented performers will be discussing Scottish Independence.

With all of the venues and proximity to September 18 it's not surprising there would be little left to talk about.

This year the 11% increase in the amount of shows with an extra 26 venues and an additional 322 production of events to choose from.

present day and from 1971
21 Jul 2014

Veterans of the Upper Clyde Shipyards work-in of the early seventies have declared their support for independence.

Seven stalwarts of the anti-Tory government protest,led by the late Jimmy Reid, have written an open letter to present-day shipyard workers and related businesses urging them to ignore the scaremongering forecasts of the No camp and believe that the industry has a bright future after a Yes vote in September.

Nicola Sturgeon : It's a once in a lifetime chance to shift the balance of opportunity in Scotland's favour, making Scotland's wealth work better for everyone who lives here
21 Jul 2014

Ahead of a question and answer session at a public meeting tonight, the Yes campaign is urging Labour voters across Scotland to “reclaim their politics and their party” by saying Yes to an independent Scotland.

Deputy First Minister and Yes Scotland Advisory Board member Nicola Sturgeon - who will attend the Q&A with an audience of undecided voters in Renfrew - and former Labour MP and Yes Scotland chairman Dennis Canavan today joined forces to highlight the opportunities a Yes vote presents.

NHS for Yes logo
20 Jul 2014

NHS for Yes today welcomed the view of former Chief Medical Officer Sir Harry Burns that independence could be “very positive” for Scotland’s health.

Sir Harry, who stepped down in January after with years as Scotland’s leading doctor to focus on fighting health inequality, said people’s health could improve if they felt more in control of their lives.