Fishing for Yes
29 Jul 2014

A Yes vote in September’s independence referendum will mean that Scotland’s vital fishing industry will thrive - not just survive.

That was one of the key messages delivered today as Fishing for Yes became the latest campaign group to join the growing Yes movement - with 50 days of the independence campaign to go.

29 Jul 2014

Independence means joined up energy policy.  Just now energy policy is reserved to Westminster – with the Scottish Government confined to use of planning laws as it seeks to pursue a renewables-focused future.

So just earlier this week, the UK government opened up vast swathes of the UK, including Scotland, for companies to tender for fracking licenses.  But even if a company successfully gains a license there is scope for planning applications to be refused. 

29 Jul 2014

Founder member of NHS for Yes Dr Willie Wilson said: “This speech from Andy Burnham is confirmation that Westminster Labour, and Mr Burnham in particular, are all over the place on health.

“It was Tony Blair who ramped up the old Thatcher idea of privatisation, so they've had ten years to realise that a disaster is unfolding in the English NHS. Where was he when they passed the Health & Social Care Act in 2012?

28 Jul 2014

By Fearghas Kelly

On September 18, young people in Scotland will be given the opportunity to create a fairer, more successful country with opportunities for all.

Young people have a lot to gain from independence. With our lives ahead of us, we are the ones who will benefit the most from having the power to make decisions about our country’s future, and creating a fairer society and stronger economy.

There is only one way to guarantee the powers that Scotland needs
28 Jul 2014

Commenting on a report in the Herald newspaper where Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael indicates that the UK Government’s priority would be to strengthen its presence in Scotland, the Yes Scotland campaign said that this 'undermines' claims that the Scottish Parliament would have its powers strengthened after a No vote.

Frank Skinner: If I was Scottish I think I'd probably vote Yes
27 Jul 2014

William McIvanney, one of Scotland's most celebrated literary talents, and top English comedian Frank Skinner have each voiced their support for a Yes vote in September's independence referendum.

27 Jul 2014

Commenting on the latest Panelbase poll for The Sunday Times and independent radio Heart, Yes Scotland's chief executive, Blair Jenkins, said: "Support for Yes is solid and as we move into the final eight weeks of the campaign we will be working hard to continue the flow of undecided voters to our side.

Adam Robertson
27 Jul 2014

Scots soap actor Adam Robertson has taken a dramatic, life-changing decision to ensure he plays a part in what he believes is the biggest opportunity in the history of his native land.

The richest ten per cent of the UK owns more than 1,000 times as much as the bottom ten per cent of the UK.
25 Jul 2014

Independence is the only sure way to deal with the ever-growing gap between Scotland’s rich and poor, two leading figures in the Yes campaign will say today. 

Ahead of today’s Oxfam debate on inequality at the Lighthouse, Mitchell Lane, Glasgow, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Patrick Harvie, Co-Convener of the Scottish Green Party, both members of Yes Scotland’s Advisory Board, have said that a Yes vote in eight weeks” time is the key to tackling poverty.