Daily Digest: St. George's Day, Gordon Brown and more CBI resignations

Happy St George’s Day! First Minister Alex Salmond is taking the independence case to Carlisle today for a St George’s Day speech in which he will explain that Scotland and England will remain the “closest” of friends after a Yes vote and that the ties that bind the nations will “continue and flourish after Scotland becomes independent”. Addressing business leaders he will put the case that an independent Scotland would be a “powerful economic counterweight to London”, helping to rebalance growth across the British Isles.

From Scunthorpe Conservative to Yes campaigner

In an article in Scotland on Sunday last weekend, Yes activist Andy Lythgoe, born and brought up in Scunthorpe, explained his conversion to Yes. The following are extracts from the full article which you can read here

Had an independence referendum been on the agenda when Andy Lythgoe moved to Scotland a quarter of a century ago, he would have voted No.

Yes Scotland asks No campaign to detail guaranteed new powers

Dennis Canavan, Chairman of Yes Scotland’s Advisory Board, has written to Alistair Darling, of the No camp, challenging him to back with proof his jam-tomorrow promises and claims in a new No poster campaign.

To be launched on Monday, the No campaign advert mentions more powers for the Scottish Parliament, something Mr Canavan is asking Alistair Darling to confirm by providing an example of three new powers.